An aggregate of modern reality, relationship problems, political-ideological contradictions, subconscious desires, lies, formality, arbitrary manner in one body. This is a wholeness of forms and characters with an application of real faces, crude and scanty artistic method, which gives an installation description to the work. The “main role” belongs to the artist himself, who, however, makes his role secondary, mainly maintaining his physical presence in the studio. Using his own body as a basis, he allows the chosen characters be laid directly on him and be merged with the body. Exposing his own body as a role performer of mannequin, depriving himself of face, the artist points out problems, reveals ideas and this is the most honest approach to use his own body. The famous faces, which are literally laid on the artist's naked body, definitely agglutinate it, where the final image is also strongly linked with personal experience of constituent characters. Thus the artist does not completely deny his own presence, but “invites” the viewers and the chosen personages to studio, where he maintains his own dominant position. The happening in artist’s studio, involves the viewer into the wholeness of the presented reality. The final image shapes by several ways. At first, the viewer separates characters, impressions decay apart, in some cases, they contradict each other, resulting in some subliminal abstraction. The next moment occurs a synthesis of the characters that can carry a nature of the new combinations and gives origin of the new characters, as well as to carry a brand new meanings to the final character. It takes the viewer through a mental generalization, comparison and contradictions that are part of the ultimate goal of the artist. All these processes are taking place partly exactly on the surface of the composition, also partly in the imagination of the viewer. To this contributes also not random selection of characters, ideological and internal similarity. In fact, the identification of the characters and the imaginary, the sensual movement becomes a main phenomenon of the composition. Combining the identified objects in a single artistic character in this case takes place through imaginary transitions and movement from one object to another. Synthesis undoubtedly more difficult when the selected character has a bright individual features. Nevertheless, each of them has an internal link to another, and here, the artist uses his body to strengthen this connection and also in the visual terms .Not accidental and the location of persons. With this artist puts accent on some of the personal and the political and ideological links between characters, gives a clue to the audience, showing the basic essence of the characters and the relationship between them, the inner, hidden meaning, which is often hidden under a similar mask, though he doesn't fully discover them. This is achieved through the participation of this event especially artistic means as the documentary nature of the photographs and the viewer. Photography with its documentary character doubles the sense of reality and gives the product completely new spatio-temporal nature. It is the feeling of the modern reality that forces the viewer to think, to smile, to doubt and once again to throw a sad look on this reality .