Mixed media project: drawings and painted photographs, 1995-2010
Saghatelian’s ghostly phalluses envelop and explode through
different architectural structures, cultural iconic symbols, monuments and figures challenging the notion that the
material and the spiritual can ever be truly separate. In his painted
photographs, the religious, financial and political institutions
are invaded and overwhelmed by
the same human demands for power, sexual exploration, and survival.
BODY: Ghost Phallus

Summary: Primitive human drives manifest themselves as ghostly phalluses, inextricably joined with the structures that represent our most powerful cultural institutions in Sam Saghatelian’s show BODY: Ghost Phallus.
BODY: Ghost Phallus Ubiquitous Primitive Obvious Sublime
The symbol of the phallus has permeated human consciousness since the beginning of culture. It represents male potency, sexual desire, conquest, and survival. Beyond the constraints of masculinity, the phallus becomes a symbol of human power itself, for better and worse. Sam Saghatelian’s collection of paintings and painted photographs explores the nature of that power. Enveloping, surrounding, and exploding through the material world, the ghost phallus becomes the primal and potent secret spirit, the undeniable driving energy inside churches, financial institutions, and even world leaders.